#1 Squadron CO oversees Training Rewrite

Major Thomas Leslie, CD. Photo credit: Tam Photography

Westmount, Quebec – 09 May 2021: #1 Squadron CO Major Thomas Leslie has recently completed a Class B contract as Team Lead for the COATS Intermediate Officer Training Course rewrite. The primary goals of the update mandate were to align training with the CF Competency Dictionary for DP2 Officers (i.e. Lt(N)/Capt), refocus the training on developing subordinate officers and adult staff, incorporate contemporary references and approaches, particularly regarding coaching, mentoring, and creating an inclusive team environment, and to reorganize the content to foster effective learning.

The IOTC is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to lead, develop and coach adult leaders / COATS members to ensure effective delivery of the Cadet Program. Students will develop skills and acquire knowledge that are fundamental to all jobs at the DP2 level while developing leadership competencies required of a Captain / Lt(N).

As an added level of complexity, the team also adapted the content for virtual delivery as CIC in-person training continues to be suspended until at least September 2021.

Immediately following the completion of this tasking, Maj Leslie was appointed Interim Area Elemental Advisor (AEA) for the Montreal Cadet Training Area. AEAs support the mission, vision, and values of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU), by providing advice to the chain of command, support and guidance to corps/squadron COs with a focus on stimulating growth and retention, ensuring and developing leadership at the local level, promoting the sharing of knowledge and resources between cadet units, and performing ceremonial duties or representing the chain of command as required.

In this role he will also act as coordinator of the Cadet Activity Programs for the Montreal Cadet Training Area. In this capacity he will take another Class B contract next month to oversee the anticipated return of limited in-person training activities this summer in Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière, Gatineau, Ottawa, and Abitibi.

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