2015 Poppy Campaign Launches

Launch of 2015 Poppy Campaign in Westmount
Launch of 2015 Poppy Campaign in Westmount

Westmount, Quebec – 30 October 2015: The RMR Association (Branch 14) kicked off the 2015 annual poppy campaign in Westmount with the help of the Mayor of Westmount, His Worship Peter Trent, CD and the Member of Parliament for Westmount, the Honourable Marc Garneau, CD.  Both were pinned by the President of the RMR Association, Comrade Sue Guerin, CD in a ceremony held outside the IGA in Alexis-Nihon plaza marking the start of the 2015 campaign in Westmount.

A film crew from Global Montreal was on hand early Friday morning to witness the start of the RMR Association’s poppy campaign at Alexis-Nihon.  Watch the video here.

The 2015 poppy campaign runs until the end of day 0n 10 November 2015.  Under the able leadership of the 2015 campaign chairman, Comrade George Gohier, CD, the RMR Association (Br. 14) will be manning kiosks at the IGA Alexis-Nihon, 5 Saisons on Greene Avenue, as well as Metro Grocers on Victoria Avenue.  They will also be maintaining donation boxes throughout numerous business in Westmount (Hogg hardware, various banks, coffee shops, etc.) – buy yours today!


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