6 Platoon Spends the Day in Farnham

Article written by: Second-Lieutenant Justin Pulliam-Therrien, 6 Platoon Commander, “B” Coy

Westmount, Quebec – 29 October 2019: The Royal Montreal Regiment’s (RMR) 6 Platoon, known as Depot Platoon, had an eventful Saturday.   It conducted stove and lantern training, and each recruit had a turn at lighting both under Mcpl Carroll’s watchful eye. Since winter is creeping onto the horizon, the recruits will soon have the opportunity to test their skills in sub-zero weather. Hopefully, they will all have the same success as they did on Saturday.

Then, with rucksacks on their backs, the troops stepped off to complete a short ruck march to the Gladius Obstacle course. Anticipation grew as the course’s obstacles appeared in the distance as most of the Depot troops never had the opportunity to run the obstacle course before. After a brief explanation, the first relay of obstacle course runners prepared for their turn. Two teams would run the course head to head in a test of team-work, physical fitness, and skill. The teams lined up and Sgt Oleshko yelled “Go!”.  Without missing a beat, each group sprinted off to complete the course.                

They came up to the first obstacle, which required each individual to climb over and under several wooden logs.

After sprinting up and down two hills, the teams came up to the wire crawl. Each team crawled under the wires. If a participant touched a wire the penalty was 10 burpees.

The window obstacle was up next, participants started to show signs of fatigue as they hurdled through the openings.

The balance beams were up next. Tied neck and neck the teams raced across this challenge with ease.

Emerging from the tunnels, Section 2 had taken a decisive lead over Section 1. They crossed the three point bridge first and climbed down the cargo net.

The next station required team work from the recruits. Climbing out of the hole proved to be more difficult than getting into it for some.

Section 1 managed to close the gap and beat Section 2 across the horizontal cargo net climb.

Lungs burning, the teams sprinted to the final obstacle. The end of the course in sight Section 2 grew their lead even further.

Section 2 won the first race, but both teams showed a great effort. The platoon continued racing on the obstacle course for the remainder of the day. In the end, each participants arms were sore, an indication of a day well spent.

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