RMR Reinforced in Valcartier

03 Sept 1914THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY – 03 September 1914 – As part of the reorganization of the Canadian Contingent, and  “to bring the battalions of the newly formed 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade up to war strength, reinforcements were allotted as required.  To the 14th Battalion drafts were allotted from the 45th Lindsay Regiment (Ontario), the 63rd Rifles (Halifax) and a small detachment from the Queens Own Rifles (Toronto).  Lieut.-Col. F.H. Hopkins, Commanding Officer of the 45th Lindsay Regiment, accompanied his men and became attached to the 14th Battalion for duty.  This placed on the Royal Montreal Regiment’s establishment two lieutenant-colonels, holding the posts of Commanding Officer and Second-in-Command, with a third attached, a situation which might have presented difficulties but for the cooperative spirit displayed by all concerned.” [1]   In addition a further 150 men were allotted to the Royal Montreal Regiment from several Nova Scotia regiments.

On this day the correspondent of The Montreal Daily Mail reported – “To-day three officers were eliminated from the First Royal Montreal Battalion. Seniority determined their cases, and with all the commissions filled no room remained for them. It is possible, however, that some provision will be made for them. Examination into qualification as to seniority is now being carried on by a special board, and definite announcements will be made within a few days.” [2]

His report continued – “The First Royal Montreal Battalion had battalion drill to-day for the first time.  In the morning Lieut.-Col. Meighen handled the men, and in the afternoon Lieut.-Col. Burland was in charge.  The men were moved down to open ground near the rifle ranges in battalion formation and afterwards sent forward in extended order and brought back in close formation.  The men displayed smartness in their work and gave evidenceof fitness.” [3]


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