Annual Cadet Games brings over 200 Cadets together in spirit of friendly competition

Smiling cadets from 588 Eric Simms Squadron take a break during the Cadet Games

Author: Captain John Wylie, Unit Public Affairs Representative, RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR)

Lasalle, QC – On Saturday, January 20, 2024, all of the four RMR affiliated cadet units joined over 200 cadets from 15 different cadet corps and squadrons from the western half of Montreal competed against one another in this year’s Cadet Games held at Lasalle Comprehensive Community High School. This one day tournament was all about promoting teamwork, developing leadership and building friendships across different communities.

Cadets from RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR) competing in Kinball

The tournament consisted of 12 different events ranging from more athletic activities like soccer, to more team building challenges like Giant Tic-Tac-Toe. Games Director, Captain Baron said, “We decided on a mix of group challenges and skill-testing activities because we wanted to create an inclusive experience where success was dependent on their ability to strategize, collaborate and problem solve together as a team.” 

RCACC 2862 RMR Cadets competing

The Cadet Games is just one of the many activities the Sea, Army and Air Cadet programs use to teach youth how to work together as a team, develop leadership skills and build self-confidence. Chief Warrant Officer Trudel, the Cadet Director for the Cadet Games said, “Things went really well today, I saw cadets with big smiles on their faces all day. I was looking forward to seeing how many units were going to come, and it was really great to see how many cadets and units were present. There was a great mix of team spirit and unity that just made you feel like you belong.” 

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