Asian Heritage Month: Corporal Mason Lim

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, a time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions that Canadians of Asian descent have made and continue to make, to the growth and prosperity of Canada. Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada since the 1990’s. It is also a good time to pause, reflect and learn more about the distinguished service of Canadians of Asian Heritage who have served or continue to serve in The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR). In honour of Asian Heritage Month, the RMR Foundation is publishing profiles of service of some of our members of Asian descent who have served (and continue to serve) in our ranks.

Corporal Lim participating in a winter fighting patrol

Westmount, Quebec – 19 May 2022: Born and raised in Montreal, Corporal Mason Lim joined the RMR from in 2017, where he currently serves as a Human Resource Administrator. In his civilian life he works as a writer which likely benefits from the breadth and width of experiences his military qualifications throughout his military career have brought him: Small Arms, Heavy Weapons, Light Armoured Vehicle, etc.

His advice to young soldiers is to embrace the difficulties and the challenges. Many others have gone through the exact same experiences, and you can do it too – it will help you develop “Mental toughness through self-discovery.”

It does not take him long to share that the coolest thing he ever did in the army was Riding on top of the LAV 6 and conducting live fire drills.” Unsurprisingly, his favourite memories of service with the RMR were shooting guns and blowing things up with the boys, watching myself mature as a person through the good times and dark times.

Corporal Mason Lim (left) with a comrade and the 84mm Carl Gustav anti-tank rocket launcher

Upon being asked what he liked the MOST about serving in the RMR, he said that “the camaraderie, the switched-on and dependable NCOs.” and what he likes the least is the “the broken, inefficient, slow, archaic nature of the CF as a whole in terms of gear and thinking.” Anyone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces and the RMR would likely find it difficult to argue with either of his observations!