Asian Heritage Month: Master-Corporal Nimit Jaggi

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, a time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions that Canadians of Asian descent have made and continue to make, to the growth and prosperity of Canada. Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada since the 1990’s. It is also a good time to pause, reflect and learn more about the distinguished service of Canadians of Asian Heritage who have served or continue to serve in The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR). In honour of Asian Heritage Month, the RMR Foundation is publishing profiles of service of some of our members of Asian descent who have served (and continue to serve) in our ranks.

Master-Corporal Nimit Jaggi

Westmount, Quebec – 12 May 2022: Master-Corporal Nimit Jaggi joined the RMR in March 2014. Originally hailing from Pierrefonds, he currently resides in Vaudreuil-Dorion. A recently graduated Software Engineer, Master-Corporal Jaggi is currently engaged in a much more “hands-on” experience, completing his Assault Pioneer course. Assault Pioneers are infantry troops with additional specialized training in field engineering tasks – like breaching doors with explosives, disabling booby traps and mines, clearing roadways and keeping transportation smooth over complex terrain. It sounds like a lot of fun and it should come as no surprise that Master-Corporal Jaggi considers it the coolest thing that he has ever done in the army thus far in his career.

Master-Corporal Jaggi (left) preparing to “make something go boom”

His favourite memory of his service was Exercise FIGHTING WARRIOR held in 2019 at Fort Pickett, Virginia, and when asked what he likes the most and the least about serving in the RMR, it didn’t take long for him to provide insightful answers. What he likes the most is “The cohesion amongst the members of the unit. The collective desire to improve our skills.” and what he likes the least is the “Lack of emphasis on proper prior planning for all things (Exercises, events, Tuesday nights). Proper planning would improve our efficiency.” Impossible to argue with either of his observations.

Master-Corporal Jaggi (second row, centre) with his university group

His advice to young soldiers joining the Regiment is “Ask as many relevant questions as possible and always listen, even if you don’t fully understand what is being said. With time, all the dots slowly connect and you will have a clearer picture of how the organization works.”

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