RMR troops posing with Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel David Bensadoun (second from right) prior to stepping off on Ex BACK BREAKER in Potton, Quebec

Westmount, Quebec – 19 September 2023: On Sunday 17 September 2023, the soldiers of the RMR were fortunate to be welcomed to a private residence in the Eastern Townships to conduct their annual ‘BACK BREAKER’ forced march and “welcome back to the training year!”. Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel David Bensadoun had family and a group of friends press-ganged into running the grills, welcomed the Regiment to their home for a post-march BBQ.

LCol Maciej Jonasz and MWO James Quesnel leading the RMR on a forced march through the rolling hills of Potton, Quebec, as part of Ex BACK BREAKER.

After arranging for a suitable route that was a tad more “rolling” than the typical route march found in Farnham or Valcartier, the Bensadoun clan welcomed the RMR into their home where hamburgers were freshly grilled up to order, Polish sausages & fresh perogies were on hand, refreshments were served ice cold for the parched marchers, and plenty of dessert was hungrily consumed by the grateful soldiers.

Troops lining up to be fed by the friends & family of Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Bensadoun

The Royal Montreal Regiment thanks the Bensadoun’s and their friends for welcoming us!

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