Westmount, Quebec – 24 April 2020: Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) is the first course that transforms civilians into soldiers. Major Maciej Jonasz of the RMR has produced a series of videos that profiles both candidates and instructors to provide an overview of the challenges.

Written by 2Lt Pulliam-Therrien: During the first couple of months of 2019, The Royal Montreal Regiment ran a Basic Military Qualification course – BMQ 1904.  The Regiment’s Headquarters & Services Company documented this with a 6-episode documentary which followed the candidates from the day they received their first pair of combats to their final lectures in the field.  The documentary captured the candidates experience the challenges which BMQ presents to a newly enrolled Canadian Armed Forces member – starting with learning how to walk and talk as a member of the military, through weapons handling, operating in a CBRN environment, and operating in the field as a member of a dismounted section.  The documentary includes training footage and interviews with several of the candidates – almost all of whom are now fully qualified in their respective trades – as well as with the instructors which turned the new these young men and women into BMQ-qualified members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

This is the third of six videos that will be released over the coming weeks, enjoy!

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