Beer finally allowed for RMR’s in 1914

Saturday, December 5, 1914

In Camp, West Down South, Salisbury Plains

The Battalion War Diarist wrote for this day: “Route march in morning. Rain in afternoon”  [1]

05 Dec 14THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY: “Ottawa, Nov. 29.  – A Government statement issued yesterday in regard to the wet canteen which is permitted by the War Office in the Canadian camp at Salisbury draws attention to the fact that the Canadian Government and the Canadian Department of Militia has no direct control over the camp regulations in England, which are under the jurisdiction of the War Office.  It is noted that the Canadian Government can, of course, make representations to the War Office, and these representations would undoubtedly receive careful and respectful consideration.  The Government has, however, been assured that the reported troubles in regard to drinking among the soldiers came from the purchase of liquor in neighbouring towns and villages when the men obtained leave of absence.

After careful consideration, General Alderson determined that it would be better to have a regulated wet canteen, at which beer might be sold at certain hours and under careful supervision.  These regulations permit such canteens to be opened for one hour at noon and for three hours in the evening.  Beer only is sold, and non-commissioned officers are always on duty.  The Government has now been assured that the trouble in the neighbouring villages, which occasioned much concern at first, has practically ceased since the opening of these regulated and supervised canteens.”   [3]


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