Bringing out the Big Guns

RMR soldiers preparing to fire the 81 mm mortar, L->R Corporals Randall-Coss and Lamb

Article by Sergeant Juan Nino, RMR

RMR soldiers firing the 81 mm mortar, L->R Corporals Randall-Coss and Lamb

Westmount, Quebec – 26 September 2017: During the weekend of 22-24 Sep 17, after some theoretical training on calling in indirect fire, six RMR members deployed on an exercise with the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment.

The training comprised several different facets:

1. All arms call for fire from an OP, HE, Smoke, Illum. (105 mm, 81 mm)
2. Loading and Firing C3 105 mm Gun.
3. Loading and Firing 81 mm Mortar.
4. Mentoring Gun Line leadership on Local defense strategies and tactics.

Most of our exercise was spent at the OP calling fire on many targets. Nearly everyone in the whole group was able to call live fire from the guns on targets roughly 2-2.5 Km away. This highlighted our training which we believe is key for the Infantry, in particular for leadership who should know how to call for and adjust firing since anyone could be the only person who can see the target.

Loading and firing of the Artillery weapons as a familiarization was interesting and a great learning experience that gave us insight into another world of the Army allowing us to understand the speed and efficiency of the weaponry that supports us in the field.

On some occasions, the Gun line was attacked and our contingent would step in to mentor the various elements who would respond as Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and Local Defense. In addition, I was asked to discuss some local defense strategies by Captain Leong which were implemented and worked well. This gave us an enormous amount of knowledge on how the Gun lines work, their vulnerabilities and how to best defend our assets if required.

Rounds impacting down range

Overall, thanks to the 2 Field leaders & members, the exercise was a very positive experience and Captain Leong and Major Brunet have expressed their interest in increasing this working relationship for increasing inter-arms cooperation, knowledge and retention. Lastly, our personnel behaved with professionalism and held the RMR reputation to a high standard.

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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