Cadets from RCACS 588 Eric Simms host citizenship ceremony for 49 New Canadians

Members of the Cadet Military Music Band play O Canada during the ceremony, as our new Canadians sign the anthem for the first time as citizens.

Author: Captain John Wylie, Unit Public Affairs Representative, RACCC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR)

Saint-Laurent, QC – Cadets from Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS) 588 Eric Simms hosted a Citizenship Ceremony for 49 new Canadians at the Centre des Loisirs de Saint-Laurent on Saturday, January 20, 2024. This is the third time that the cadets have hoisted such a ceremony in recent years, and for some like Cadet Commander, Warrant Officer First Class C. Velentzas, those grandparents emigrated from Greece the ceremony took on special significance. “They participated in their own citizenship ceremony [years ago] and now I am part of hosting a citizenship ceremony, it’s like I have gone full circle.”

Master of Ceremonies, Sergeant Pascal, salutes during the playing of O Canada.

As hosts, the Officers and Cadets partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and played an active part in the preparation and presentation of the ceremony. They acted as ushers to welcome the new citizens and their guests, provided refreshments for the reception after the ceremony, played live music with their cadet band, and took on the role of master of ceremonies.

Captain M. Bigras, the Commanding officer of RCACS 588 Eric Simms congratulates the new Canadians on attaining their Canadian citizenship.

The ceremony itself consisted of the oath of citizenship, the handing out of certificates and the playing of the national anthem, as well as several speeches from about the importance of citizenship and the values and responsibilities that come with Canadian Citizenship from Knowledge Keeper and Inuit throat singer, Nina Segalowitz, Member of Parliament, Emmanuella Lambropoulos, Member of the National Assembly of Québec Marwah Rizqy and Commanding Officer of the 34 Canadian Brigade Group Battle School, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Shone.

All 49 new Canadian’s celebrate successfully completing their citizenship ceremony by proudly waiving their Canadian Flags. These flags were presented to them by the Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent, Ms. Emmanuella Lambropoulos.

The ceremony was filled with many smiles and lots of excitement for the new citizens and their families. “I was happy for the new citizens and I felt proud that Canada is so welcoming of different cultures and that we are happy to have them here to enrich the Canadian culture. I am very proud that we have that mindset here,” said Flight Corporal Desrochers. “Cadets represent the younger generation of Canada, and [being here] gave us cadets an opportunity to be a good example of what it is to be a Canadian by showing that helping others goes hand-in-hand with the values of this country.”

Members of RCACS 588 Eric Simms and the ceremonies and the platform party join together at the end of a successful ceremony.

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