Call To Arms 2019

‘Nuff said! Photo credit: Captain G. Furholter

Article written by:  2Lt Pulliam-Therrien, 2Lt Perchun and 2Lt Mclaughlin

Westmount, Quebec – 29 September 2019: After an outstanding summer filled with career courses, taskings, and flood relief, the RMR started the 2019-2020 training year on the weekend of 6-8 September.  It was kicked off with a BANG! (Specifically, the sound of M203 rounds hitting their targets.)

Home on the range, the C7 range that is. Photo credit: Captain G. Furholter

In standard RMR fashion, the Call to Arms weekend was a success.  On Saturday we were able to complete not one, not two, but three separate ranges on the same day, qualifying our members on three weapon systems. On the C7 PWT3 range members were reminded of the importance of marksmanship principles, and perhaps, of the necessity to keep their cardiovascular fitness levels at a higher standard.  

On the bush lanes. Photo credit: Captain G. Furholter

Athe same time, bush lanes were being conducted where troops got to practice snap shooting with live ammunition and, on the M203 range, twelve members of the regiment were qualified on that weapon.  Thanks to Mcpl Gomes keen eye, a disaster was averted when a trainee’s sling blocked the end of his M203 grenade launders barrel right before he fired off the round. MCpl Gomes was able to effectively halt firing before anything could happen.  After the ranges, we returned to the shacks where all members properly hydrated for Sunday’s 13km ruck march. 

No comments about officers and maps, please… Recce for the upcoming section live-fire attacks. Photo credit: Captain G. Furholter

On Sunday morning, members gathered for the march, some donning frag vests with plates for an added challenge, before stepping off.  Once the march was was completed, and blisters were being tended to it, Cpl Dagenais was announced as having the best time at 1h39min – however, the back to back winner of the two previous 13km marches, Cpl Morneau was not present for the race. Perhaps next year the two will meet head to head to see who truly reigns supreme? Or maybe a new contender will enter the mix.

Congratulations were extended to all members who were badged this weekend, having completed their DP1 this summer and to those who were promoted that Sunday. Cheers to those who rang the bell in the Messes following their promotions! If the Call to Arms weekend was any indication of what is to come, then the RMR has an outstanding training year ahead of us.

C7 range. Photo credit: Captain G. Furholter

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