Monday, March 8, 1915

In billets Rue du Quesne

The Battalion War Diarist wrote for this day: “Battn. resting.  Senior officers reconnoitred G.H.Q. defence line, which runs immediately south of Rue Du Quesne, consisting of strong points, breastworks and a little wire.  Line very rudimentary, and in bad repair.” [1]

THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY: (Special to The Gazette), Ottawa, March 7.   That Canada has good reason to be proud of the Canadian troops who have already reached the firing line, is the tenor of despatches which have reached Ottawa from various sources in England and in France.  In addition to these despatches, it is understood that the Government is being kept informed from day to day in official communications as to the progress of the operations in France and Belgium, including the work of the Canadian troops.  These communications are said to amply bear out the unofficial messages which have come across the ocean with reference to the conduct of the Canadians in action.  The Canadians are showing themselves to be experts in rapid and accurate rifle shooting, and in this respect are said to be the equal of any troops in the field.”   [2]

[1] War Diary, 14th Canadian Battalion, The Royal Montreal Regiment, March 8, 1915.  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa,
[2] “Canadians Doing Well,”  The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, Monday, March 8, 1915, pg. 1, col. 3.


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