Career Advice for RMR soldiers

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel David Bensadoun introducing his panel of business leaders to the Regiment’s soldiers.

Potton, Quebec – 29 August 2021: After an “invigorating” morning spent conducting the Canadian Armed Forces ‘Combat FORCE Test’ (forced march, shuttle run in fighting order, sandbag lift, etc.), the soldiers of the RMR were invited to Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel David Bensadoun’s property in Potton, Quebec for leadership training and a BBQ.

The leadership training was centred on lessons learned from some top business leaders in Quebec who volunteered their Sunday to share their expertise with the RMR’s members. In his role as Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, David Bensadoun understands all too well that we need our soldiers to succeed in their civilian occupations so they can continue to actively serve the Regiment throughout their working lives and eventually rise to senior leadership positions.

These business leaders from diverse backgrounds were invited to to help our soldiers succeed in their civilian career by providing insight,  real world examples, leadership and career advice. Based on the stimulating discussions between the soldiers and their civilian mentors, the training was a success!  The RMR extends a hearty thank you to:
  • Isabelle Chevalier – President – Bio K
  • Dave Girardin – President – Super Bird Investments,
  • Steve Girardin – CEO – Girardin/Blue Bird Buses Manufacturing
  • Isabelle Pepin – President – Pepin Executive Recruiting
  • Francois Rivard – CEO – Innocap Investments
  • Marie-Eve Savard – President – Eva Holdings, former investment banker
  • Hugues Simon – President – Reliance Forestry Wood Products
  • Colonel (ret’d) Pierre St-Cyr – Chairman of Commissionaires – Quebec.
  • Michael Zakuta – CEO Plaza Retail REIT – Real Estate Development
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel David Bensadoun remarked “Three of our speakers had some military or paramilitary experience (Dave Girardin served as a WO in the Cadets while he attended Bishop’s College School in Lennoxville, Quebec. Isabelle Pepin served as a reservist in the Sherbrooke Hussars, and Pierre St-Cyr was a helicopter pilot in the RCAF) but most had never had any contact with members of the military. Every one of the speakers was blown away by the positive energy and curiosity of the troops. The speakers came away with a very positive impression of the regiment and its members. I think today’s event was a great example of how we can create meaningful exchanges between the business and military communities in Canada. I look forward to organizing more events of this type in the future.”
After the leadership sessions, lunch was served by the guest speakers. The troops enjoyed a delicious Texas BBQ style meal – beef and pork that had been smoked for 6 hours, served alongside salads, with sugar pie and ice cream for dessert. The troops confirmed that any calories lost during the fitness test were adequately replaced at the HLCol’s residence.

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