CD For retiring CIC Captain Brooker

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Jacques Girardin presents Captain Sybil Brooker (right) with her Canadian Forces Decoration, 15 October 2021

Westmount, Quebec – 16 October 2021: Captain Sybil Brooker, CD was awarded her Canadian Forces decoration last night during, in the words of Cadet Corps 2862’s Commanding Officer (CO), Captain Eric Simon, what was an ‘exceptional’ ceremony held on the parade square of the RMR’s armoury last night. Attended by her family and the CC 2862 staff and officers seated in a socially distanced fashion on the parade square, with the Cadets themselves spaced out along the balcony who had an excellent view of the proceedings. Special guests from the Regiment were two former CO’s of the RMR, the RMR’s Honorary Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Colin Robinson, CD, and Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Jacques Girardin, CD.

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Jacques Girardin had helped Captain Brooker with raising the CC 2862 band when she was the CO, providing training, coaching, and mentoring for the young musicians of the cadet corps. In a gesture of profound gratitude, the CC 2862 CO asked Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Jacques Girardin to present Captain Brooker with her CD. His remarks from last evening are captured below:

It is my pleasure and honour for me to pay special tribute to Capt Sybil Brooker who is retiring from the Canadian Forces on Dec 10, 2021. I met Capt Brooker some time ago, being involved in music I was interested in her cadet corps band and tried to offer my moral support. My compliments to her cadet musicians. Needless to say that my meetings with Capt Brooker were always very pleasant and interesting. At this time allow me to share with you some of her more interesting and fascinating accomplishments: 

  • Joined sponsoring committee at CC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR) in 2004.  
  • Sworn is as Officer Cadet in March 2008.
  • Attended l’ERIC (Ecole régionale des officiers CIC) at Valcartier, QC for all her CIC training
  • Was put in charge of marksmanship program in 2008 at CC2806.  Ran the program until May, 2016.  CC 2806 teams won silver twice, won the zone gold in 2016 and competed at the provincials that year.  We also participated in the biathlon program twice during that period.
  • Became CO CC 2806 in May 2011 and served as CO from 2011-2016.
  • During tenure as CO at CC 2806, the Corps was featured on the Montreal morning TV news show, “Breakfast Television”, where they demonstrated drill, marksmanship and winter bivouac skills.
  • At CC 2806, she was invited to CJAD radio for a half hour show with Tommy Shnurmacher called “Cool jobs, cool people”, where she got to tell Montreal all about the Army Cadet program and to receive live calls from listeners.  Highlight of the program was when a caller phoned in and said, “Finally, our tax dollars are being well spent!” 
  • Awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 – presented by the Honourable Pierre Duchesne, 28th Lieutenant Governor of Québec at the Québec Parliament
  • Transferred to CC 2862 in May, 2016, and served as CO from May 2016 – May 2019.
  • Continued with CC 2862 as Admin Officer from May 2019 to present
  • Retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on 10 December 2021″

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