Centennial Videos:

In the five weeks that led up to November 1st, 2014 RMR Centennial Gala ball sponsor Global Montreal produced and ran a series of historical vignettes “video time capsules” once per week describing life for the RMR 100 years ago as it prepared for service in the First World War. The capsules were aired Sunday evenings on the 18h00 and 23h00 Newscasts, and Mondays on Global Montreal’s Morning News.  Global Montreal has given the RMR Foundation to post them on our website, enjoy!


RMR’s Bilingual Heritage

Valcartier: Canada Mobilizes for War

Home Life during the Great War 

The Importance of Remembrance 

Other videos were also produced to congratulate the RMR on their celebration of 100 years of service to Canada:

Governor General’s Centennial Greeting

Rick Mercer’s Centennial Greeting

Global Montreal’s Centennial Coverage

Official RMR Centennial History Video