“This Day In RMR History” is a Centennial project produced by the RMR Foundation that is publishing daily a series of “This Day in RMR History” stories to highlight the activities of the RMR 100 years ago.  Additional significant anniversaries are added in as well, like the 70th anniversary of the battle for the Leopold Canal in October, for example.  Entries are cross-posted to the RMR Facebook account page.

“This Day in RMR History” is researched and written by Captain (ret’d) Hamilton Slessor, a former RMR officer whose father served in the original 14th CEF (RMR) during the First World War, and later rose in rank to eventually command the RMR – including war time command during the Second World War.

Captain (ret’d) Slessor’s mandate is to tell the story of The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) and Canada’s experiences in the First World War for a one-year period (01 August 1914 – 31 July 1915). Details of all aspects of the Canadian Army’s experience are recounted here. You can follow the daily digest here on the RMR Foundation’s website, on Facebook, or by subscribing for a daily delivery to your email inbox. The RMR Foundation also worked with Global Montreal to produce a series of short videos about Canada’s participation the the Great War.