Change of RSM for the RMR

MWO Quesnel (left) accepts the RSM’s cane from CWO Leroux (right) in the presence of LCol Shone (centre). Photo credit: Corporal Laurent Ene.

Westmount, Quebec – 15 May 2022: The Royal Montreal Regiment changed their Regimental Sergeant-Major today, with Master-Warrant Officer James Quesnel replacing Chief Warrant-Officer Stephan Leroux during the traditional exchange of the RSM’s Cane ceremony. Once the ceremony was completed, the NCO’s of the RMR carried CWO Leroux on their shoulders in the RSM’s chair in a dignified procession – not even one perceived attempt at dropping him was noted!  All teasing aside, we have not had so many red sashes on parade in the unit in many years, and the Regiment is grateful to CWO Leroux for leaving the regiment in such capable hands.

RMR Sergeants posing outside the entrance to the regimental church, Saint Matthias, on Sunday 15 May 2022. Photo credit: Corporal Laurent Ene.

CWO Leroux first joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1996, serving as an Infantryman in the Canadian Grenadier Guards and rising through the ranks before transferring to the RMR in 2017. He was promoted to his current rank in January 2020, and he is expected to commission from the ranks and continue serving with the RMR.

According to RMR custom, CWO Leroux was formally escorted from the Regiment on the shoulders of the NCO’s upon termination of a successful tour as RSM. Photo credit: Corporal Laurent Ene.

Thank you for your service to the Regiment, CWO Leroux – your impact will be felt for a long time.

Welcome aboard, MWO Quesnel!

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