Sunday, November 15, 1914

Camp Salisbury Plain, West Down South

The Battalion War Diarist wrote for this day: “Rain.  Church parade in morning.  Boxing for men in afternoon.”  [1]

15 Nov 14_ATHIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY: “On Sunday Bishop Taylor Smith, Chaplain-General of the British Army, visited the contingent.  The bishop was accompanied on a tour of the four Canadian camps by General Alderson and Major Steacy, Divisional Chaplain of the Canadian Forces.  His Lordship preached at each camp and the aggregate attendance was nearly thirty thousand men.  The numbers of the hymns were announced by signals.  Regimental bands furnished the music.  During the last few days Major Steacy and the other chaplains attached to the contingent have been busy distributing gifts which have been sent to the Canadians from all parts of Great Britain.  Also a circulating library containing 60,000 volumes has been established, the books having been contributed by British friends of the Canadian volunteers.  They will be much appreciated on the dreary winter nights the men have to spend on Salisbury Plain.”

[1] War Diary, 14th Canadian Battalion, The Royal Montreal Regiment, Nov 15, 1914.  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa,
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