Rainy Church Parade for RMR in UK

THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY, 25 October 1914 – From the 14th BATTALION (RMR) WAR DIARY:

Sunday, October 25, 1914

Camp Salisbury Plain, West Down South

On this day the entry reads simply: “All day rain, Church parade”  [1]

Press reports of the day mentioned that Bishop Taylor Smith, Chaplain-General of the Imperial forces (1908-1925) visited Salisbury Camp, attended by Major Stacy, Canadian Divisional Chaplain.  Services were held at Bustard, but owing to the wet weather there was no parade, services being held instead in the marquees.   It was noted that on the voyage of the Contingent to England, Holy Communion had been celebrated daily on those transports carrying chaplains.

[1]   War Diary, 14th Canadian Battalion, The Royal Montreal Regiment, Oct. 25, 1914.  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, http://data2.collectionscanada.ca/e/e044/e001089670.jpg

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