CO pays his dues

LCol John Shone receives his 2018 membership card from Comrade Sue Guerin, 09 December 2017

Westmount, Quebec – 13 December 2017: In a short ceremony held at the start of the annual troops Christmas luncheon on Saturday 09 December 2017 in the armoury, Lieutenant-Colonel John Shone paid his 2018 annual dues to Comrade Sue Gerin, president of the RMR Association, Branch 14 of the Royal Canadian Legion. He explained to the RMR soldiers present how important it was to be a member of the RMR Association, the good works performed by them, and he encouraged all present to be involved.

Comrade Guerin used the opportunity to thank the serving battalion for their outstanding support during the recent poppy campaign where a record amount of donations had been received, due in no small part to the assistance of RMR soldiers manning kiosks.

RMR soldiers helping a proud Canadian show his remembrance at the Metro grocery store in Westmount, November 2017

You can learn more about the RMR Association here.