RMR troops learning how to set a cooking fire

Westmount, Quebec – 18 February 2019: Soldiers from the RMR spent the weekend on private land in Potton, Quebec learning winter survival skills.

Troops deployed on Friday night, arriving close to midnight and then marching to their hides where they set up their 10-man tents and established their night routines.

In the morning the troops were taught how the basics of winter survival by a former NCO of the Regiment, Sergeant (ret’d) Nick Karkasoulis. He led them in siting & constructing a sturdy improvised shelter, various camp fire methods, setting snares, skinning animals, and cooking over a campfire.

Improvised shelter being inspected by the instructor

Spirits were high as the weather was nice, there was a lot of fresh snow, and survival training is a nice break from usual trade training!

Sadly for all fans of mid-80’s rap, no actual monkeys – funky or otherwise – were seen during the exercise…

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