Canadian soldiers firing heavy weapons
Members of the RMR participating on Ex HEAVY BALL 2021 in CFB Valcartier, 26 – 28 March 2021

Westmount, Quebec – 30 March 2021: The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) deployed to CFB Valcartier this past weekend for a range exercise where on Saturday they got to fire the 84 mm Carl Gustaf Short-Range Anti-Armour Weapon-Medium (SRAAW-M) and the 66 mm M-72 Light Anti-armour Weapon (LAW) rocket launchers, along with the C9A2 light machine gun (LMG), and the C7A2 automatic rifle, which is the personal weapon used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian soldiers firing anti-tank weapons, rockets
RMR soldiers firing the Short-Range Anti-Armour Weapon-Medium, also known officially as the SRAAW (M) and is more affectionately known as the “Carl Gustav”, the “84”, or the “Carl G”. Ex HEAVY BALL 2021, Valcartier, Quebec.
“Happiness is a trench with a machine gun.” MCpl Marchand ready to begin firing the C9 Light Machine Gun on the range, Ex HEAVY BALL 2021, Valcartier, Quebec.
Canadian soldiers firing machine guns
RMR troops preparing to fire the C9A2 Light Machine Gun (LMG) from prepared firing positions, Ex HEAVY BALL 2021, Valcartier, Quebec.

And on the Sunday, which many people around the world took as a day of rest, the RMR woke up early to threw C13 fragmentation grenades while it snowed. Who needs coffee when you have grenades to wake you up?

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