Article written by Captain Sergey Perchun

Westmount, Quebec – 01 May 2024: Over the weekend, the Royal Montreal Regiment took part in EX IRON BOOT, a demanding field exercise simulating a daring raid behind enemy lines. The scenario involved neutralizing remnants of a defeated enemy force. B Company was tasked with infiltrating and dismantling an enemy command and control (C2) defended by RMR’s Depot Platoon, setting the stage for an upcoming major offensive.

Despite facing limitations in troop numbers and leadership, Bravo Company shone throughout the exercise. They spearheaded a long-range patrol and subsequent attack, showcasing exceptional effectiveness and professionalism. This speaks volumes about the company’s training and dedication. The troops’ performance was a testament to their professionalism and capability to handle complex situations in challenging environments.

The exercise also highlighted the Depot Platoon. The new recruits demonstrated significant motivation and readiness, particularly in their individual tasks and collective training. Their performance suggests they are well-prepared for upcoming career courses, whether it be the DP1 for soldiers or Phase 2 for the officers. Their conduct throughout the exercise shows promise for their continued development.

Adding a unique twist to the weekend, the Regiment was honored to have Honorary Colonel David Bensadoun and the RMR’s nominee for Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, Isabelle Racicot, participate in the exercise. These distinguished leaders chose to spend the night alongside the troops which underscored the unit’s unity and determination, bolstering morale and exemplifying solidarity from the leadership down to the fresh recruits. Additionally, in a heartwarming ceremony held during the exercise, our Regimental Sergeant Major received his long-awaited and honorable rank of Chief Warrant Officer. This momentous occasion further boosted morale and highlighted the dedication of the RMR’s leadership.

Ex IRON BOOT served as a valuable training opportunity for the RMR. The participation of Honoraries, the impressive displays by Bravo Company and Depot Platoon, and the well-deserved promotion of Chief Warrant Officer Quesnel all contributed to a successful weekend of learning and development.

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