11 Oct 14_ATHIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY, 11 October 1914 – A week or so after the convoy carrying the First Canadian Contingent had left Gaspé Basin on the third of the month, press started to report that the Canadian Contingent had arrived in England.  These initial reports turned out to be pure speculation, such as the above Canadian Press Dispatch from Southampton on October 8th.

11 Oct 14_B The following day a Canadian Associated Press cable from London stated “Canada`s great vanguard of loyal troops for the front is now in English waters.  Escorted by warships, transports arrived off the Isle of Wight in the early hours of this morning, and their disembarkation will probably take place after berthing.”

Later the same day (Oct. 9th) the Press Bureau in London issued this bulletin:  “The Press Bureau denies reports published this morning of the arrival of Canadian troops, and laconically adds that the troops have not reached English waters.  At the same time it says “It is true some officers of the contingent have arrived at Salisbury Plain today.”

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