Farewell, Sergeant!

Westmount, 16 June 2014: The Royal Montreal Regiment would like to wish Sergeant Artem Azbukin best of luck as he leaves the Canadian Armed Forces after 13 years of dedicated service.

Sgt Azbukin enrolled in the RMR on the 31  Jan 2001. Throughout his 13 year career Sgt Azbukin has served as a Section Commander, Platoon Second in Command and as Company Quarter Master Sergeant. Sgt Azbukin deployed in 2002 as part of the Task Force Bosnia Herzogovina Infantry Battle Group and later in 2004 withTask Force Bosnia Herzogovina (OP PALLADIUM). Sgt Azbukin also served on Domestic Operations OP PODIUM and OP LOTUS the latter as Platoon Second in Command.
The RMR family would like to wish Sgt Azbukin the best of luck in his future endeavors and would like to thank him for his dedicated service.  The RMR Association looks forward to processing his application for membership!
Azbukin(2) Azbukin(1)

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