Father badges son

(L->R) Private Zachary and former Sergeant Nikita Rambarransingh

Farnham, Quebec – 27 August 2017: In a ceremony held in the field after successfully completing the 13 km Battle Fitness test, Private Rambarransingh was officially badged into The Royal Montreal Regiment along with the other graduates of this summer’s Infantry course.

What was different for Private Rambarransingh was that unlike his peers who were badged by the Regiment’s Commanding Officer, LCol John Shone, and given their first rank hook with the RMR designation on it by the RMR’s Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, LCol (ret’d) Colin Robinson, he was badged by his father, Comrade Nikita Rambarransingh, a former Sergeant in the Regiment. While not unheard of for a father to badge his son into the Regiment, it is a rare occurrence.  Major Talarico had two of his sons serving with him in the RMR, of course!

Affectionately known throughout the RMR family as “Rambo”, Comrade Nikita Rambarransingh was dressed in his uniform of the RMR Association (Branch 14), as he participated in the ceremony. He joined the RMR in 1985, after previously serving five years with the RMR’s Pointe-Claire cadet corps (2806), and he retired from service in 2008. The statute of limitations is still in effect for most of the good stories involving Rambo, but when you see him next be sure to ask him about patrolling in Fort Drum…

Glad to have another generation of Rambarransingh soldiering on with the RMR!

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