Final Edition of “This Day In RMR History” Published Today

Westmount, Quebec – 04 August 2015: The final post of “This Day In RMR History” was published today, twrapping up precisely one year of daily posts telling the story of the RMR’s first year of service, which was brought into existence as part of Canada’s response to war in 1914.

Over the course of the First World War, The Royal Montreal Regiment suffered 4,469 casualties (1,192 died and 3,277 wounded) or 71% of its total nominal roll (76% of all officers; 70% of all men). It participated in 12 major battles; won 281 decorations including 2 VCs and 12 French, Belgian and Russian decorations. RMR’s serving in other units received a further 51 decorations.


“This Day In RMR History” was a Centennial project produced by the RMR Foundation that published daily a series of “This Day in RMR History” stories to highlight the activities of the RMR 100 years ago.  Additional significant anniversaries were added in as well, like the 70th anniversary of the battle for the Leopold Canal in October, the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo in June, etc. Entries were cross-posted to the RMR Facebook account page and each post received approximately 1,000 daily views.

“This Day in RMR History” was researched and written by Captain (ret’d) Hamilton Slessor, a former RMR officer whose father served in the original 14th CEF (RMR) during the First World War, and later rose in rank to eventually command the RMR – including war time command during the Second World War. Hamilton’s wife, Jane, performed the difficult and exacting task of editing each of the 375+ posts that spanned from end June 2014 to 31 July 2015.

The Slessor’s mandate was to tell the story of The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) and Canada’s experiences in the First World War for a one-year period (01 August 1914 – 31 July 1915).  They produced a masterful collection of posts that detailed all aspects of the Canadian Army’s experience during that period and are all available here.  Hamilton’s research also contributed significantly to the series of short videos about Canada’s participation the the Great War that the RMR Foundation worked with Global Montreal to produce.

On behalf of the entire Regimental family, Bravo to the Slessor’s for an excellent job!

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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