Five Command Team Coins awarded

Top left to bottom right: Captain Vincent, Warrant Officer Anctil, and Sergeants Parnell and Carson. Photo credit: MCpl Laurent Ene.

Westmount, Quebec – 09 May 2019: As part of the RMR’s battalion review parade held at the armoury on Sunday 05 May 2019, five deserving leaders were presented with the Command Team’s challenge coin. The citations read as follows:

Captain Vincent: “In recognition of his loyal service to the RMR as Bravo Company Commander, while employed on Class B as Standards Officer Montreal Detachment.”

Warrant Officer Anctil: “For his selfless devotion in volunteering to act as Bravo Company CSM for a second consecutive year while also employed on a Class B as the 34 CBG Battle School Operations Warrant Officer”

Sergeant Carson: “For his dedication to the profession of arms in completing his Sgts and Warrant Officers’ courses while also being highly active in the 34 CBG Influence Activities cell and as Second in Command to the Pre-Phase 3 course”

Sergeant Oidi – no photo available as he was not at the parade and he will be presented with his coin at a later date: “For his selfless devotion in providing exceptional training as an urban operations and close quarter combat instructor at the RMR while also employed as an Instructor Evaluator and Standards support staff member at the 34 CBG Battle School.”

Sergeant Parnell: “For a second consecutive year of dedication to the RMR, this time as Bravo Company 4 Platoon Second in Command while also employed on a Class B with Personnel Support at the 34 CBG Headquarters G1 Cell”


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