French village still honours the RMR 103 years after being liberated

French veterans join the mayor to honour the RMR for liberating their town in 1918. Sains-les-Marquion, France, 11 November 2021. Photo credit: Marie-José et Maurice Perdu

Westmount, QC – 22 November 2021: The town of Sains-les-Marquion, France held their annual Remembrance Day service at 11h00 on a rainy 11 November 2021 where they specifically honoured The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) who had liberated their town on 27 September 1918.  Due to the initiative of Michel Gravel, a bronze commemorative plaque was positioned in the town in 2008, a gift from individual donors through the RMR Foundation, and the town continues to honour the Regiment every year.

Remembrance service, being held in the ONTARIO cemetery, 11 November 2021, Sains-les-Marquion, France. Photo credit: Marie-José et Maurice Perdu

They also conduct a service in the ONTARIO CEMETERY, a Commonwealth Grave Commission graveyard where numerous RMR’s are buried, a result of the actions on 27 September 1918.

Special thanks to Marie-José et Maurice Perdu who send us the images every year.

We will remember them / Nous nous souviendrons d’eux.