Hampstead Family Day 2018

RMR soldiers take a photo with a young lady who hopes to be a future member of the RMR. Cpl. Townsend (Recruiting NCO), Pte. Friedman, Pte. Randall-Coss, Pte. Hollingdrake

Article written by Corporal Kenton Townsend

Westmount, Quebec – 22 June 2018: On Sunday, 10th of June, the RMR participated in the annual Hampstead Family Day. Our team’s objective was to create positive community awareness of the RMR family and the display the work we do as a combat arms regiment serving the reserves for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Pte. Randall-Coss showing a young boy and girl how to navigate by map and compass, one of the many important skills of an infantry soldier. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend

We could not ask for a better day, The weather was absolutely perfect. Soldiers from the RMR collected all the necessary equipment and went to Hampstead to set up kiosk display which consisted of a 5 man tent display and a tent section with a display of equipment where the public was able to see items like the breaching kit or a map and compass. We also showed several rations and answered many questions about our survival skills in the field. Many young children and teenagers asked to have their face camouflaged, received a free poster and had their picture taken with members from the unit. We also had set up an obstacle course with six foot pickets draped over with a large cam net.

The RMR has always had very strong community ties with the city of Hampstead. We were awarded freedom of the city in 2008 and since that time we continue to strengthen our partnership through community activities such as the recent Family Day.

A group of sisters line up to get a CAF poster from Pte. Mordakhai, Pte. Friedman and Pte. Randall-Coss. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend
Pte. Hollingdrake camming up a young boy with camo face paint. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend
Cpl. Townsend with a young boy who was very excited to try the Kevlar helmet
Pte. Hollingdrake explaining to the young boy and his parents how to safely enter the obstacle course. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend
Pte. Randall-Coss showing a young girl how to safely enter the 5 man tent. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend
RMR stand at the Hampstead Family Day 2018. Photo credit: Cpl. Kenton Townsend

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