Hampstead Trophy awarded to Corporal O’Driscoll

Mayor Steinberg of Hampstead presents The Hampstead Trophy for Community Service to Cpl O’Driscoll. Photo credit: Cpl Oh.

Westmount, Quebec – 12 May 2018: At the Regiment’s battalion review parade held on 06 May 2018, Mayor William Steinberg of Hampstead presented The Hampstead Trophy for Community Service to Corporal Brigitte O’Driscoll.

The Hampstead Trophy was presented to Corporal O’Driscoll for her exceptional community service in having volunteered to assist the firefighters and miners of Burkina Faso as part of a CanadAfrique mission contributing to the peace, prosperity, and security of its citizens.

The trophy was donated to the RMR in 2014 by Hampstead to mark the special relationship between the RMR and Hampstead, both having been created in 1914.

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