Hampstead Trophy awarded to Major Ruiz-Laing

His Worship Mayor Jeremy Levi (left) presents the Hampstead Trophy to Major Dexter Ruiz-Laing. Photo credit: Corporal Yeung

Westmount, Quebec – 12 June 2023: At the Regiment’s battalion review parade held on 07 May 2023, His Worship Mayor Jeremy Levi of Hampstead presented The Hampstead Trophy for Community Service to Major Dexter Ruiz-Laing. This award is presented annually to the member of the Regiment who demonstrates an exceptional dedication to civic duty.

In 2022 when the war in Ukraine worsened, Major Ruiz-Laing sponsored and helped facilitate a Ukrainian family immigrate to Canada. Navigating the complete Canadian immigration process, he helped them quickly depart Ukraine and arrive in Canada where he hosted them in his home for several months until they were able to settle in the area. Major Ruiz-Laing continues to provide support to the family today.

The trophy was donated to the RMR in 2014 by Hampstead to mark the special relationship between the RMR and Hampstead, both having been created in 1914.

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