Hockey team gave it their all

Westmount, 25 April 14:  In a hard-fought battle, the RMR was defeated last night by the 6ieme R22eR at a home game in Westmount. The final score was 4-6, with the RMR working hard together as a team under the determined leadership of Lt Vincent, and setting up as many scoring opportunities as possible.  The RMR team was truly a family affair as it was composed of members of all three messes, and of note were the two Talarico brothers playing for the Regiment: Sergeant Talarico in nets as the goalie, and Corporal Talarico as a forward.  Of course, it should also be noted that the RMR has won their league’s Championship Cup a lot more recently than any Canadian NHL team has, just saying.

Better luck next year, boys!

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