Sunrise on the Cambrai range in Valcartier, October 2018 (Photo credit Corporal Laurian Ene)

Article written by Corporal Laurien Ene, Bravo Company, RMR

Westmount, Quebec – 06 November 2018:  Early morning on the weekend of 27th October 2018 The RMR took to the field to sharpen its core infantry skills.

The day starts with a reminder of Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Defenses. Commonly referred to as CBRN, members then had to equip their gas masks, bunny suits and perform several fun drills in a room filled with a tear gas agent. Failure to react fast enough, or have a proper seal, will results in tears. 

RMR soldiers exiting the gas hut, October 2018 (Photo credit Corporal Laurian Ene)

Once everyone had a nice breath of fresh air, the day continued with a lecture on Improvised Explosive Devices and Mines. Inert demos were on hand to help better understand their mechanisms and more importantly how to effectively disarm them.

RMR soldiers learning from an experienced Combat Engineer about improvised explosive devices, mines, booby traps, and more! (Photo credit Corporal Laurian Ene)

To help complete the weekend the next stop was the range. However this isn’t your usual range, the members walk on a wooden trail with targets popping up, having to react quickly, providing each other with covering fire while moving to better positions the RMR could show its true colours as an Infantry Regiment.

RMR rifleman engaging a pop-up target on a live-fire bush lane, October 2018 (Photo credit Corporal Tess Pellow)

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