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RMR soldier performing handling drills on the C9 LMG

Westmount, Quebec – 30 August 2017: The Royal Montreal Regiment kicked the training year off with a “Call to Arms” training weekend in Farnham that included completing the full Personal Weapons Test Level 3, as well as various elements of the Individual Battle Task Standards. Morale was high all weekend as the soldiers got to enjoy fine weather while conducting their training, and a break was organized for them to watch the Mayweather/McGregor fight!

RMR soldiers performing handling drills on the 84mm Carl Gustav

The weekend was capped off with the “Back Breaker” forced march (13 km Battle Fitness Test), which was won by Private Morneau, and a badging ceremony where the recent graduates of the Basic Infantry course were formally welcomed into the RMR by the Commanding Officer and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, and then symbolically marched into “Bravo” Company, the RMR’s operational rifle company.

Newly badged RMR soldiers

A good start to the 2017-18 training year! More photos are available on the RMR’s Facebook page.

“The run down”

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