Honorary Colonel’s Christmas Dinner 2019

Troops enjoying a holiday meal served by the officers & NCO’s of the RMR

Article written by Second-Lieutenant Camille Bugel

Westmount, Quebec – 12 January 2020: On December 14th, RMR members were starting a special day at 0630 by going to the Westmount Arena. It was the Regiment’s Christmas dinner that was kicked off with the traditional hockey game with officers and NCOs playing against the junior ranks.  The hockey game was pretty challenging for officers and NCOs and they lost against the jr. ranks but the effort that both teams put into game was great for the spectators.

Members of the JRC hockey team waiting for action. Photo credit: WO Quesnel.

After the game, we all came back to the RMR and played other sports. We started with dodgeball between unqualified and qualified members. We continued the day with other sports and even some unarmed combat.

Winners of the 2019 Tug of War competition. Photo credit: WO Quesnel.

Then jr. ranks had time to change and relax while officers and NCOs set everything for the Christmas lunch. When the set up was done, all the members formed up in the parade square and promotions, a medal and awards were given. The atmosphere was very special and the esprit de corps was strong.

RMR members compete in the annual ‘Turkey Shoot’. Photo credit: WO Quesnel.

The lunch took place in the parade square with more than 100 members present.  It started with the benediction by Padre Be and his explanation of the Fallen Soldier Table.  The officers and NCOs served food, helped by our special guest Georges Laraque. Serving the troops as an officer was a good way to thank them for their engagement and show our respect for their hard work.

RMR soldiers posing with former NHL player Georges Laraque

The lunch was a great occasion to share recent experiences and after the desert two presentations.  One was made by a members that just came back from a Jungle Warfare course ran by the French foreign legion in Guyana the other by two who participated in a mechanized exercise held in Gagetown.

The day ended in the respective messes.  It was a good time.

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