Honorary Colonel’s Christmas Parade 2023

“CO for the Day” – Private Dai after exchanging jackets with Lieutenant-Colonel Jonasz. Photo credit: Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Harry Hall.

Westmount, Quebec – 18 December 2023: On Saturday 10 December 2023, the serving battalion of the RMR took a break from the serious business of soldiering, and enjoyed each others company for the annual Christmas festivities, which included the traditional a floor hockey game, new recruits serenading the diners, and the customary Christmas dinner where the leaders serve the troops with Private Dai appointed “CO of the Day” to rule over the dinner.

Honorary Colonel’s Christmas dinner 2023. Photo credit: Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Harry Hall.

This year also saw recognition being given out to deserving members of the Regiment. The RMR’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Maciej Jonasz, and the Regimental Sergeant-Major, Master Warrant Officer James Quesnel, have been formally recognizing RMR members who are on Class B callouts and are volunteering their time to help out the unit with administrative and operational duties. This extra service that they perform is above and beyond what they get paid for by the Canadian Armed Forces, and while this has been occurring for generations, it is nice to see some well-deserved recognition being given. The RMR Foundation has donated gift boxes containing exclusive RMR merchandise for these volunteers.

Sergeant Kevin Cowling receiving the RMR gift box for his voluntary service. Photo credit: Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Harry Hall.


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