Jody Mitic guest of honour at JRC mess dinner

Left to Right: Corporal Brigitte O’Driscoll (PMC), Jody Mitic, and Kelly Shields.

Westmount, Quebec – 19 March 2018: On Saturday evening 17 March 2018, the Junior Ranks Club (JRC) welcomed Mr. Jody Mitic as their guest of honour for their annual mess dinner, which was held on the parade square.

“A 20 year Canadian Armed Forces veteran and Sniper Team Leader, Jody Mitic lost both his legs when he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty overseas. After only a few short months of rehabilitation, Jody was up and walking again. A year after his injury, Jody made national media headlines here at home when he completed the Achilles 5km run on two prosthetic legs, following that, he completed the Canada Army Run half marathon. Not only was Jody’s accomplishment a personal milestone on his road to recovery but it also became a major event that helped inspire change in how the military views and handles injured veterans and their ability to be of service” (source: City of Ottawa website).

During his after-dinner remarks, Jody encouraged the members of the JRC to relish their experiences and make the most of their military service, which he predicted that based on his own personal experiences, it will be the best times in their lives.

Corporal Brigitte O’Driscoll, President of the Mess Committee, presented him with a framed commemorative envelope from the RMR’s 100th anniversary as a token of the gratitude felt by the members of her mess. All ranks then retired to the JR’s mess downstairs to continue the festivities.

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