Photo credit Tom MacGregor, Legion Magazine
Photo credit Tom MacGregor, Legion Magazine

Westmount, Quebec – 18 June 2015: Comrade Trevor Holmes, CD was recently recognized by the Quebec Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion as the ‘Legionnaire of the Year’ for his exemplary service.  Comrade Holmes from Branch 71 (Brownsburg-Chatham), originally joined the second battalion of The Royal Montreal Regiment (2 RMR) in December 1944 at the tender age of 15-years old to do his part in the Second World War.  He was too young to serve overseas by the time the war in Europe was concluded and he continued to serve in the peacetime Militia until September 1951, rising in rank to A/Sergeant.  He was the second member of his family to join the RMR, as his father had joined up when war broke out in September 1939 but was not deployed overseas due to poor eyesight.  Holmes senior remained operational throughout the war serving as a Company Sergeant-Major in 2 RMR.

With more than 51-years of service in the Legion, Comrade Holmes got his start in 1964 when he joined Branch 14 (RMR Association), only transferring to Branch 71 when he relocated to Lachute area and couldn’t make the commute back to Westmount. Past president of his Branch, he is currently serving as the District Commander for his area.

Comrade Holmes’s dedication to serving his country is exemplary: On top of his military and Legion service, he served with the ‘4 Lachute D Coy Highland Army Cadet Corps’ for 27 years (1968 – 1995) as their Training Officer, commanding the Cadet Corps on three separate occasions.

Comrade Trevor Holmes is the second in a row of RMR’s who have been recognized as the ‘Legionnaire of the Year’. Comrade Colin Robinson of Branch 14 (RMR Association) was the last recipient of the honour before Holmes.  Any chance the RMR can continue to set the standard and go for a threepeat?

On behalf of the entire RMR Family, the RMR Foundation congratulates Comrade Trevor Holmes for a well-deserved recognition of his efforts.  Thank you for your service to the Regiment and to Canada, you definitely merit being named “Legionnaire of the Year”.

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

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