Lest We Forget: French village still honours the RMR for liberation

French veterans pose with the mayor behind the memorial plaque dedicated to the RMR honouring the RMR for liberating their town in 1918. Sains-les-Marquion, France, 11 November 2022. Photo credit: Marie-José et Maurice Perdu

Westmount, QC – 01 December 2022: The town of Sains-les-Marquion, France held their annual Remembrance Day service at 11h00 on 11 November 2022 where they specifically honoured The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) who had liberated their town on 27 September 1918.  Due to the initiative of Michel Gravel, a bronze commemorative plaque was positioned in the town in 2008, a gift from individual donors through the RMR Foundation, and the town continues to honour the Regiment every year.

Remembrance service, being held in the ONTARIO cemetery, 11 November 2022, Sains-les-Marquion, France. Photo credit: Marie-José et Maurice Perdu

They also conduct a service in the ONTARIO CEMETERY, a Commonwealth Grave Commission graveyard where numerous RMR’s are buried, a result of the actions on 27 September 1918.

Special thanks to Marie-José et Maurice Perdu who send us the images every year.

We will remember them / Nous nous souviendrons d’eux.

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