Master-Corporal Randall-Coss wins the Command Team Challenge

RMR soldiers on the firing line in Farnham, Quebec, ready to compete for the Command Team Challenge cup.

Article written by Corporal Green

Westmount, Quebec – 16 March 2023: 2023 began with the Commanding Team Challenge. The one-day event had members of the regiment compete in 3 different categories encompassing a variety of soldiering skills. The first event consisted of a PWT-1 C7 shoot, the second a 9mm pistol shoot at 25 meters, and the third event was a march in snowshoes with patrol packs and frag vests with plates, that saw members navigating to several checkpoints in the Farnham training area.

B coy brought 5 representatives to test their skills against the CO, RSM and several competitors from Headquarters & Service Company. The morning was crisp and clear, perfect for shooting and the competition got underway with the C7 shoot first. The C7 is the infantry soldier’s bread and butter so all competitors breezed through with confidence. The 9mm pistol presented a unique challenge as it’s not a primary weapon and at 25 meters was at the edge of its effective range, where skill truly comes into effect. Once all the shooting was complete, the competitors were given a limited time frame to plot their routes to the checkpoints, kit up and move out. Navigating the deep brush in snowshoes with a decent load presents its own set of challenges but all members were well up to the task.

MCpl Randall-Coss brought home the Command Team Challenge cup with a perfect score in shooting and a first place finish in the snowshoe trek collecting the maximum possible of 65 points. Coming in second was our very own CO, LCol Jonasz, who also shot a perfect score. 3rd place was taken by Cpl Symon. Events like this are a great opportunity to practice skills in a more fun and competitive environment and we look forward to seeing who takes on the Command Team Challenge trophy (the resurrected RMR biathlon trophy) next year!

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