Meet the RMR’s NCO’s: Sergeant Alexey Oleshko, CD, CPA

Sergeant Alexey Oleshko, CD, CPA

“Meet the RMR’s NCO’s” is a series where we profile a different NCO each month for readers to get to know the folks who make up the ‘backbone of the army’

Westmount, Quebec – 21 February 2023: Sergeant Alexey Oleshko grew up in Montreal and joined the RMR in May 2007.

“Twice the citizen” is a phrase often used to describe Reserve Army soldiers, and Sergeant Oleshko certainly fits the description. Since joining the Regiment he’s completed a Bachelor of Commerce, received his Professional Designation as a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA), gotten married and now has two young sons aged seven and five, and he launched himself into a successful civilian career (he currently works at McKesson Canada as a Senior Analyst, FP&A and Special Projects). All the while balancing the demands of being a Reserve NCO and working his way up to his current role serving as a Company Sergeant-Major at the RMR – can’t say he’s bored! He’s living proof that it is possible to balance both a rewarding civilian and military career. Yes, it takes planning, dedication, and a desire to learn and better yourself – but it is certainly possible.

He has the usual qualifications of an Infantry NCO, and in fact he said that his NCO Leadership courses were some of the coolest things he’s ever done. “No sleep for a full week of patrolling and evaluations”.  Not sure his civilian colleagues would agree with his choice of cool activities, but any of us who’ve been through it know what he’s talking about!

His advice for young soldiers in the Regiment is “Stay connected with your peers as they are top quality people. Volunteer everywhere you can and you will be noticed. More opportunities will come with your level of participation in regimental life.

Strong bonds of friendship, four young Master-Corporals posing at a RMR’s mess dinner. Left to Right: Master-Corporal Parnell, Butera, Oleshko, and Jasmin.

Wise words that clearly come from the heart, because when we asked him what he liked the most and the least about serving in the RMR, he told us: “I formed close friendships with wonderful people.”  This comes from his own experience of serving in the Regiment, because when we asked him what his favourite memory of serving in the RMR was, he quickly responded: “The great times I had with WO Jasmin, Capt Parnell, and Sgt Butera” (their younger selves pictured above).

Thank you for setting the standard and for making the effort to be twice the citizen, Sergeant Oleshko!

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