Memorial to Jerry Pope donated to RMR Museum

Westmount, Quebec – 11 October 2021: Mr. Zack Belknap recently donated a memorial tablet to the RMR Museum. The memorial tablet, dedicated to the memory of  Lieutenant Jerry Gordon Pope, came from the Hatley United Church which had been deconsecrated and was being closed, and the overseers were looking for a suitable place for the plaque to live on.

Lieutenant Jerry Pope in the uniform of the 117th Eastern Townships Battalion

Lieutenant Jerry Pope, originally a farmer from Hatley, Quebec, enlisted midway during the war. Having seen service in the pre-war Militia (Stanstead Dragoons), he was part of the large draft of replacements coming from the 117th Eastern Townships Battalion that refilled the ranks of the RMR in late 1916. His service records don’t indicate how he was killed, merely stating “Killed in Action” on 16 August 1917, aged 33 years old. That was the second day of the terrible battle for Hill 70, and he was likely killed in the shelling or in one of the repeated German counter-attacks.

Thanks to Mr. Zack Belknap, the memory of Jerry Pope will live on.

Lest We Forget.