“Military Family” Quilt for Colonel George Javornik

Colonel Javornik enjoying his new “Military Family” quilt

Westmount, Quebec – 18 March 2017: Surely a first in the world of quilts: a custom-made quilt bearing the crests of both Regiments residing in the Ste-Catherine Street armoury in Westmount. It is fitting that something so unique went to the first officer who commanded both Regiments: Colonel (ret’d) George Javornik.

The “Military Family” quilt was crafted by two individuals: Major Sylvie Delwaide-Maynard, formerly of 712 Comm Sqn and RMR, and by Ayse Arihan, wife of Captain Ed Morawski, who served both in the RCH and 712. Both quilters are involved in a project out of Ottawa that crafts quilts for cancer patients.

This time they launched themselves into a effort that can only be described as a labour of love: The “Military Family” quilt for Colonel George Javornik who is currently battling cancer. It is Colonel Javornik’s understanding that two former RMR RSM’s, Gilles Bussieres and Vince Colgan, provided expert advice on crest design and colours. Their efforts along with that of the two crafters were very much appreciated by Colonel Javornik.

The entire RMR Family wishes Colonel Javornik all the very best for a speedy recovery. Prayers and positive thoughts are encouraged & appreciated.

“Military Family” quilt showing both Regimental crests
“Military Family” quilt details
Full view of the “Military Family” quilt

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