Museum Visitor of the Year Award for 2023

Corporal Marcel Likeng receiving his certificate from Amelie Chalifoux, Assistant Curator.

Westmount, Quebec – 25 January 2024: Mr. Ron Zemancik, the RMR Museum Curator, is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Visitor of the Year: Corporal Marcel Likeng. In recognition of his outstanding performance as a BOR Clerk and in appreciation of his continued assistance to the Regimental Museum staff.

Ron remarked about Corporal Likeng “Through his actions he has shown that he is ready to render help and service to the museum. In true RMR fashion he is ready to tackle any challenges presented to him.”

The Royal Montreal Regiment’s museum serves as a repository of historical artifacts, documents, and memorabilia related to the regiment’s rich history and military heritage. Located within the unit’s armoury on Ste-Catherine street in Westmount, the museum has several key functions:

Preserving History: The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the RMR. It collects, catalogues, and maintains a wide range of items, including uniforms, weapons, equipment, photographs, and personal items of past and present members of the regiment.

Education: The museum plays an important role in educating the members of the regiment, affiliated Cadets, and the general public about the regiment’s contributions to Canada’s military history. It offers exhibits, displays, and educational programs to inform visitors about the regiment’s involvement in various conflicts, missions, and events.

Commemoration: The museum serves as a place of remembrance and tribute to those who have served and sacrificed in the regiment. It honors the memory of fallen soldiers and veterans through exhibits, memorial plaques, and commemorative events. The museum holds some of the regiment’s most sacred objects, including the Book of the Fallen, which lists the name of every RMR soldier killed in action.

Research: Researchers and historians can access the museum’s archives and resources to conduct studies and gather information related to the regiment’s history, the Canadian military, and related topics. Thousands of RMR-related archived materials can be found online at the museum’s website in a searchable database: 

Outreach: The museum engages with the community and veterans’ organizations to promote awareness of the regiment’s heritage. It also supports public events, parades, and collaborations with other institutions to share its knowledge and collections.

Overall, the RMR museum plays a vital role in preserving, sharing, and celebrating the military history and heritage of the regiment, ensuring that its legacy continues to be remembered and appreciated by future generations.

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