Operation-Husky_rev1Westmount, Quebec – 29 October 2015:  Join filmmaker Max Fraser, author Mark Zuehlke and special guests on Tuesday 10 November 2015 for a one-time-only event to honour Canadian veterans of World War Two and help reclaim lost history.

The film and the book both deal with Operation Husky, the 1943 invasion of Sicily and the emotional 70th anniversary pilgrimage which took place in July 2013.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Montreal businessman, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of 2 RCA, and active member of the RMR Association (Br. 14) Steve Gregory launched the campaign to honour those who fought and fell in Sicily, which crystallized as Operation HUSKY 2013 (The 2013 Canadian Citizen’s Memorial Campaign in Sicily).  The mission of the project was to honour those who fought and those who fell during the Sicilian campaign of July and August 1943. To accomplish this, Steve and his organizers conducted a march across Sicily followed the original path taken by the 1st Canadian Division. The march presented a great opportunity for family members of veterans of the campaign and those enthusiasts who are interested in the role Canada played in attacking the underbelly of Europe to follow in the footsteps of the lst Canadian Division’s soldiers. This film tells their story.

The theatre will be open at 18h00. Cinestarz is on Cotes des Neiges in the plaza with Walmart. Tickets can be purchased here.

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