Patrol Training in Valcartier

RMR troops move out to begin rehearsals for their fighting patrol in Valcartier. Photo credit: MWO James Quesnel.

Westmount, Quebec – 07 December 2023: Over the weekend of 24 – 26 November 2023, the RMR was conducting fighting patrol training in Valcartier as part of the 34 Brigade collective training for their Reserve Battalion Infantrie Leger (RBIL).

Patrols are arguably the ultimate test of proficiency in the Infantry. If done correctly it involves hundreds of activities synchronized into one silent body of 30+ troops moving like ghosts through the environment before arriving and unleashing mayhem on their objective before disappearing back into the night.

Captain Ross McLaughlin coordinating the deployment details within CSEM3 Valcartier, 24-26 Nov 23. Photo credit: MWO James Quesnel.

Rehearsing for an infantry fighting patrol is a crucial part of mission preparation. It helps ensure that all personnel understand their roles, the plan, and the procedures to be followed during the patrol. Before the rehearsal, the patrol leader conducts a detailed mission briefing, providing information about the objective, route, timeline, and known threats. Often, a terrain model or sand table is used to provide a visual representation of the patrol area. It allows participants to better understand the terrain, key landmarks, and the patrol’s planned route.

Patrol rehearsal being led by Patrol commander Capt Faiz, who had just come off a plane from Ranger deployment up north and went straight to the RBil exercise.

The patrol leader assigns roles and responsibilities to each team member, specifying their positions within the formation. Key roles include the point man, rear security, radio operator, and any other specialized positions required for the mission. The patrol leader then conducts a walk-through of the patrol plan, starting from the insertion point and moving through waypoints to the objective. Each team member rehearses their movements, actions upon contact with the enemy, and any other specific tasks assigned to them.

WO Carson coaching troops during the walk-through rehearsal.

Once deemed ready by the Patrol Commander, it is show time!

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