Polish Scouts Association Visit RMR

RMR Museum Curator, Mr. Ron Zemancik (right) gives the Polish Scouts a tour of the RMR Museum. Photo credit: Tomasz Pogorzelski

Article written by Lieutenant-Colonel Maciej Jonasz, Commanding Officer

Westmount, Quebec – 23 February 2024: A group of scouts from the Polish Scouts Association visited the RMR today.  They were given a tour of the Officers’ and NCO’s messes and learned about the RMR – our work and our history.  Afterwards, they were split into two groups with one group given a tour of the Museum by Ron Zemancik and the other an introduction to SATS under the supervision of Cpl Yeoung and Cpl Calixte.  The scouts enjoyed the visit enough that their leader was keen to develop a deeper relationship with the RMR family through cooperation with our affiliated Cadet corps.

Polish Scouts Association are given a tour of the RMR Officers’ Mess by the RMR’s Commanding Officer, LCol Maciej Jonasz. Photo credit: Tomasz Pogorzelski.


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